Christmas / New Year Public Holidays

Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th of December 2016 and Monday 2nd January 2017

Hours of Operation:

Melbourne Lab

  • DTS Food Assurance Operational Dept’s except GMO/Allergens will be working through the Christmas/New Year weekend and public holidays on reduced numbers.
  • Administration, Logistics, Sales and Client Services will be closed on the weekends and public holidays.
  • Registration will be open on the public holidays and weekends until 10am.

Brisbane Lab

  • DTS Food Assurance Microbiology will be working through the Christmas / New Year weekends and public holidays with reduced staff. Sample Registration, FACTA (Allergens), Client Services and Sales will be closed on public holidays.
  • To ensure your ALLERGEN results are available before Christmas please submit samples before 9.00am Tuesday 20th December.
  • If it is critical for you to receive MICRO or CHEM results before Christmas please contact Client Services QLD 07 3426 9750 to discuss relevant cut-off dates and testing options.

Sydney Lab

  • DTS Food Assurance Microbiology NSW will be working through the Christmas / New Year weekend and public holidays with reduced numbers and back to business as usual outside of these dates.

Melbourne Seeds Lab

  • DTS Food Assurance The Seed laboratory will be operational from Monday to Friday (regular business hours) during the Christmas/New Year period except on public holidays.

No sample pick-up will be available on public holidays. Where overnight external couriers are used, please ensure the next day delivery will not fall on a public holiday.

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